Nourish and grow your hair with this beautifood

The nutrients in avocado are known to

✔repair hair damage

✔strengthen hair

✔promote hair growth



Avocado Hair Oil

  • Apply 2-5 drops onto palms of hands. Massage hands together to spread oil evenly. Gently smooth oil through hair, applying from mid-length to ends. Apply to damp hair to lock in moisture & to ease brushing, and/or apply to dry hair for added shine and smoothness.

    [Use hair oil daily for maximum benefit.]


    Can also use oil as an overnight hair mask by applying the oil all over hair. Get your beautisleep, and shampoo & rinse in morning. 

    [Suggest using the oil as a hair mask 1-2 times per week.]



    Depending on your hair length, texture, volume, etc. you may notice that you have to use more or less of the suggested amount.